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100% odor elimination,
not odor masking

The cleaner it smells, the faster it sells

Does your real estate listing have an odor issue?
Embedded odors can be silent DEAL KILLERS.

The sale is made or lost shortly after the front door is opened…

Unfavorable odors and smells will cost you sales!

BIOSWEEP of Oregon services will help you sell these properties faster and ensure satisfied homebuyers. Our technology’s rapid, same-day process permanently and safely eradicates all odors and restores a fresh, clean smell throughout the home.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Solution:

  • Permanent removal of odors (smoke, including pipe & cigar; pet, including urine; perfume; etc.)
  • Removal of all cooking odors (curry, grease, etc.)
  • Spoiled food
  • Dead animals
  • Musty mold and mildew odors
  • Odors from fatalities
  • Destruction of airborne & surface viruses and bacteria
  • Dramatically reduce allergens, including mold spores

Not an ozone machine, chemical fogger, or masking agent.

No home-based air purifier, ozone generator or odor removal service on the market performs to the exacting standards of BioSweep of Oregon.

We mean it when we say BioSweep kills the most offensive odors.

Our mobile service and technology offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed solution!

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