Decontamination Services

Professional decontamination service is necessary in situations where bacterial or viral exposure requires remediation.

Decontaminating your home or building can protect your health, as well as the health of others who enter the space, giving you the peace of mind and safety you deserve.

Our decontamination services remove odor causing bacteria caused by many types of situations including, but not limited to, animal infestations and sewage backups to chemical spills and decay.

We can also decontaminate areas affected by viruses such as COVID-19.

Decontamination Service

Biosweep will decontaminate, sanitize, and optionally, test your home or facility.

Step 1 – UV Light treatment

Using the best handheld UV light wand available today, we treat all high contact surfaces to kill viruses and bacteria.

Step 2 – BioSweep Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Treatment

We use the most powerful commercially available oxidation treatment available. This oxidizing technology excels at destroying viruses and bacteria.

While there is no current test for viruses like Covid-19, BioSweep has been proven to create an environment inhospitable to viruses and bacteria in independent testing. ​

Step 3 – Disinfecting Wipe

Once the BioSweep oxidizing treatment is complete, a follow-up disinfecting wipe down will be performed on all high contact surfaces.

Step 4 – Testing (optional)

Please note that there is no test specifically for Covid-19 yet, so no company can claim to eliminate the virus. We can, however, test for the presence of other known viruses and bacteria to prove that your space is extremely clean.

This testing is performed at the time of decontamination. If you’re interested in post-treatment on-site testing, please let us know at the time of the initial assessment.


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BioSweep of Oregon will put your mind at ease by ridding your home, office, and other environments of harmful viruses and bacteria.

There’s no need to worry about toxic treatments, our approach is safe and eco-friendly but yields powerful results. You’ll be able reinhabit your space feeling assured that no harmful chemicals were used and the job has been effectively carried out.

You deserve to feel safe in your environment. BioSweep of Oregon will decontaminate your surfaces and purify your space. Call us today!

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