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100% odor elimination,
not odor masking

Experience a clean and odor-free environment in your vehicle

Have your automobile, limo, bus, RV or semi treated using the latest green technology for the removal of unwanted odors and bacteria.

Our rapid (same-day) process permanently destroys:

  • Years of accumulated, embedded odors of all types
  • Embedded smoke odors from tobacco & other sources
  • Pet odors of all kinds (including pet urine)
  • Accidental food spills (including curry and seafood)
  • Bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold & mildew odors

Our proven technology delivers permanent results, guaranteed! Not an ozone fogger or masking agent, BIOSWEEP®doesn’t use harsh chemicals and therefore won’t harm fabrics or materials. 

A BioSweep treatment only takes one-two hours for most cars and trucks. We mean it when we say BioSweep of Oregon kills the most offensive odors.

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