What pathogens can these treatments remove?

/What pathogens can these treatments remove?

What pathogens can these treatments remove?

Our treatments destroy a wide variety of pathogens – viruses, bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms, including:

  • MRSA – drug-resistant Staph
  • Norovirus – responsible for about half the food-borne cases “stomach flu”
  • H1N1 – influenza virus responsible for recent outbreak of “Swine Flu“ and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic
  • Salmonella – a common form of food poisoning
  • Streptococcus – e.g. Strep throat
  • Listeria – can cause very serious, generally food-borne infections
  • Legionella – responsible for a potentially fatal form of pneumonia
  • Stachybotrus – “black mold” commonly linked with “sick building syndrome”
  • Aspergillus fumigatus – can produce serious complications in immunosuppressed individuals.
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